Cutina Liquors is an artisanal liquors boutique specialised in Genziana production since 2017. We operate in Catignato, old village in the Pescara province of Abruzzo. For Mattia Di Lorenzo and Davide Miani, Cutina’s founders, passion for wines and liquors comes from far. Although being a young business, Cutina can already boost the important Sapore Italia 2018 Award (Italy Taste award).

Classic Genziana

The one and only Genziana: rich flavour and low alcoholic percentage. Traditionally used as digestive or fresh aperitif. The real taste of Abruzzo.

Foto bottiglia genziana Cutina
Foto bottiglia genziana Cutina

Genziana Robusta

A stronger body, more ethilic - but carefully crafted to maintain its organolectic properties. The perfect drink for your nights out, try it as cocktail ingredient!

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Why Cutina: genuine, healthy, traditional, unique


Our process is 100% artisanal and follows the century-old tradition of Genziana from Abruzzo

Pure and simple

4 ingredients only: Genziana Lutea roots, wine, alcohol, sugar. No preservative or colourings added.

Low alcohol

We keep a low alcohol percentage to maintain better eupeptic properties from the Genziana roots, and so a better digestion for you.

Italy Taste Award

The superior quality of our Genziana has been awarded with the famous, country-wide Premio Gusto 2018.

About us

Cutina's story

Like many other local families, Mattia and Davide too start producing artisanal Genziana at home. Mattia’s father, and his ancestor before him, were also liquors producers. Davide as well has a deep passion for homemade liquors and starts producing his owns at home. Friendship between Davide and Mattia becomes collaboration, that then turns into Cutina Liquors. Researchign and experimenting various recipes, they achieve the perfect one. The essence of tradition, a faithful Genziana that reminds of the sheperds’ original which first traces can be fund centuries ago.

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You can also call us on +39 085 841402; we are open from 9am to 12am and from 2pm to 5pm.

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